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Revisiting the joys of being a monsterkid in the 70s

“Very pleased to announce We Belong Dead magazine’s first ever book project. A look at all aspects of 70s monster movie memories. Everything from the legendary BBC 2 double bills to trading cards, LPs, Appointment with Fear, movie tie ins, TV horrors and all aspects of books and magazines such as Monster Mag, House of Hammer, FM, Pictorial History of Horror Movies….you name it, if it was in the 70s it will be here. Here’s your chance to be involved in this exciting project. We need funds to have the book printed in full colour. Please support us and spread the word to whoever you can!” – Eric McNaughton, editor We Belong Dead fanzine.


Here is the run down on chapters so far -

Heroes of Horror/Scream Queens book
Overview of 70s Horror film books
Horror film books for kids
Poster magazines of the 70s
Lorrimer books
Heritage of Horror and Vampire Cinema books
Super 8 films
BBC 2 Double bills
Appointment with Fear
Horror Toys
Tie ins
Horror in the Cinema book
Horror People book
Monsterkid memories
BBC Ghost stories
Most Importnat Decade of my life
Alan Frank and his books
Dez Skinn interview
Monster Times
Top Ten TV Horrors of the 70s
TV horrors overview
Nature gone bad paperbacks
House of Hammer magazine
Pictorial History of Horror Movies book
Movie Monsters magazine
Horror comics of the 70s
Horrors from Screen to Scream
Monster Mag
Aurora models
Nigel Kneale
FM/Monster World
Marvel’s Monsters of the Movies
Denis Gifford and his books
For Monsters Only
Hammer presents Dracula LP
Overview of 70s mags
Legend Horror Classics
Quasimodo’s Monster Mag
World of Horror
Horror and film LPs
Horror Top Trumps
BBC Sound Effects of Death and Horror LPs


Hopefully also to include:
Trading cards (Shocking Laffs, Hammer etc)
Horror collecting in the 70s
Cinemagoing in the 70s

The money raised via this campaign will pay to have the book printed on high quality glossy paper and full colour throughout.

Money is also needed for publicity, scans, design and layout and a cover painting.

Here’s your chance to be part of something really special!

Check out the IndieGoGo Campaign HERE!

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WBD 13 Creature

Fang-tastic classic horror magazine WE BELONG DEAD reaches its 13th issue and celebrates with a double cover from regular artist Dave Brux! On the front you’re confronted by The Creature From the Black Lagoon and on the back cover The Wolf Man scowls menacingly out from newsstands! Contents include articles on all three “Creature” movies, Universal’s cycle of Wolf Man films, Peter Cushing’s sleazy 60’s exploitation flick Corruption, females of classic horror part two and lots, lots more! Comes with a free poster!



WBD 13



WBD 13 Wolf Man

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