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Yesterday we took a look back at the Classic Horror Campaign and Frighten Brighton screenings of 2011. Today we take another trip down memory lane and recall all of our screenings so far this year – including a look at the double bills and triple bills which didn’t quite happen for one reason or another! Sometimes even the best-laid plans come unstuck due to circumstances beyond our control!

We started off 2012 with an extremely popular Hammer Horror double bill at the as voted for by YOURSELVES classic horror fans!

And these are the events that didn’t quite happen….



With Halloween fast approaching and the Classic Horror Campaign nearing our next classic horror double bill on Sunday 21st October at the we thought we’d take a look back at our screenings so far! This will either bring back memories or make you green with envy that you missed them!

We are also preparing next year’s season of horror double bills and would like you to tell us if there are any particular favourites you’d really love to see back up on the big screen! Remember that we tend to screen one older black and white film followed by something a teeny bit more recent, in the style of the old BBC2 Classic Horror Double Bill seasons of the seventies and eighties. Keep your choice of films pre-1980′s please and we shall see what we can do!

Now enjoy part one of our gallery of horrors as we look back at our Classic Horror Campaign and Frighten Brighton screenings from last year starting with Night Of The Demon (1957) and Vampire Circus (1971) shown at the Roxy Bar & Screen in April 2011…

Next time we look at our events, festivals and screenings so far in 2012…



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