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Exciting news! The brand new issue of Shock Horror Magazine features the first of a new regular Classic Horror Campaign column as written by our very own Cyberschizoid! We take an in-depth look at classic horror christmas chillers exclusively in the pages of Shock Horror’s frightening thirteenth issue including Dead of Night (1945), Black Christmas (1974) and the BBC’s legendary series of Ghost Stories For Christmas! There are also interviews with Rob Zombie, Dani Filth and Steven Kostanski and exclusive cover art by Daniel Mercer!

 There are exciting plans in store for the Classic Horror Campaign in 2013 including  fangtastic double bill screenings, film festivals, guest appearances, competitions and lots more! Don’t forget to sign and forward our petition to bring Saturday night horror double bills and cult film screenings back to the BBC – help us reach 3000 signatures by Christmas!

 Finally a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout 2012 – the Roxy Bar and Screen, Shock Horror Magazine, the Scala Beyond film festival, Frighten Brighton, Emily Booth, Rue Morgue UKSpooky IslesLondon Film Memorabilia Convention,  Filmbar70 and everyone who has attended our film screenings, signed our petition and generally spread the word! And remember, classic horror is for life, not just for Christmas!


Leading UK scream queen Emily Booth is no stranger to both contemporary and classic horror film fans with her starring roles in recent movies Doghouse (2009) and Inbred (2012), co-hosting the Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival as well as being a presenter on the Horror Channel and a regular at Film Four’s FrightFest in London’s West End. I was lucky enough to catch up with Emily for Rue Morgue magazine during British Horror Month where we discussed such hot topics as female role models in horror, UK fear flicks and Emily’s upcoming projects.

You can read the interview with Emily over at the Rue Morgue website and as an exclusive for Classic Horror Campaign readers here are a couple of extra Q and A’s just for this site!


Q. We know that you are a firm follower of the UK’s Classic Horror Campaign. Do you have any favourite “classic” British horror films which you would recommend to others as essential viewing?

A. The Wicker Man is a classic must see of the genre……The Haunting, Peeping Tom and Plague of the Zombies!!!! Gosh there are tons really !

Q. If the BBC were to ever bring back their iconic Saturday night horror double bill seasons, would you like to host the show? And if it wasn’t you, who would you like to see as the presenter?

A. I’d love to host the show of course it would be the biggest honour for me; one I’d genuinely feel passionate about – but of course its never up to people like me or you it’s the ones paying for it! So the BBC would have final say – and of course there are other more well known journalists out there who have good horror knowledge such as Mark Gatiss – who’d also be perfect  and I would think he’d make a great presenter for the show – but then I could dress up more!

Read the full interview with Emily Booth over at Rue Morgue!


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