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Classic horror fans tune in to Sascha Cooper‘s show Eclectic Musings on internet radio station Thursday 14th March from 8pm where her special guest will be Classic Horror Campaign founder, writer and all-round Horror Hound  Cyberschizoid (AKA Rick Gladman)! They will be discussing classic horror double bills, Frighten Brighton, Evil Dead The Musical and a whole lot more! If you miss the live broadcast you’ll be able to catch up later – we’ll be posting the link here and on our Facebook page and you will also find it at!

Here is the link if you missed the live broadcast –

Don’t forget to vote for Cyberschizoid as Best blog and Classic Horror Campaign as Best Website in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!

eclectic musings with sascha cooper

Cyberschizoid and Leila at Bram Stoker Fest

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