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The rest of the line-up for Bram Stoker International Film Festival – Saturday 26th October!

10:00am – CRUCIFIXES, CADAVERS & DEMONS – a fun horror film talk/lecture with Academic Minx Doc Karen Oughton!
11:30am – THE MONSTER SQUAD (1987)
2:30pm – THEY LIVE (1988)
6:30pm – PIECES OF TALENT (2012)
9:00pm – THE GRAVEYARD FEEDER (2012) – (short) and KILLER KART (2012) – (short)
10:00pm – DEVIL IN MY RIDE (2013)
12:00 Midnight – THE GHOULS (2006)

Also THE VAMPIRE BALL starts at 7:30pm and the DARK ART Exhibition is downstairs (free entry) all day!

Plus! There are cult b-movie and sci-fi classics screening ALL DAY in a separate screening room!!!

Plus! Space Monsters Magazine will be on sale all day Saturday and Sunday – downstairs at the Dark Art Exhibition or just look out for Cyberschizoid AKA Richard Gladman who will be lurking at the festival throughout Saturday and Sunday!

Tickets available on the door at the Whitby Pavilion!

More movies, events and horror art all day Sunday too!!

Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2013 from Liz Fies on Vimeo.

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Classic horror fans are in for the time of their lives as the Bram Stoker International Film Festival are screening two of the greatest but underrated vampire movies of all time – John Badham’s 1979 adaption of Dracula and Hammer Films’ Euro-Horror styled Vampire Circus! Dracula stars Frank Langella as the titular Count and is a more romantic variation on the theme than the Hammer Dracula films that horror fans had become used to; a modest success on its initial release, John Badham’s film is “a triumph of performance, art direction and mood over materials that can lend themselves so easily to self-satire” according to film critic Roger Ebert.

Vampire Circus (1972) is an extremely stylish and gory tale from Hammer, coming at a time when the studio was being more experimental in an attempt to adapt to the changing tastes of a modern audience. The whole production has an air of corruption and decadence, with some beautiful set-pieces, many gruesome deaths and fine performances from all the cast.

These are just two of the many classic horror and sci-fi B-movies that are screening alongside many world and UK horror premieres at this year’s festival, taking place from Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th October in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Tickets are now only available from the Bram Stoker desk, Thursday onwards at the Spa Pavilion, Whitby.

So come and join us,Horror Host Bunny Galore, “We Belong Dead” magazine’s Eric McNaughton , Space Monsters MagazineCyberschizoidSultan Saeed Al Darmaki , Doc Karen Oughtonand a host of fangtastic horror fans and professionals from Thursday 24th October – Sunday 27th October! See you there!

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Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2013 from Liz Fies on Vimeo.

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