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“Women have always been an integral part of horror films from the silent days of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) and Nosferatu (1922) through to recent horror franchises Resident Evil (2002 – present) and Underworld (2003 – present). Over the decades the role of women in horror has progressed from screaming victim (hence the term “scream queen”) to kick-ass vampire slayer (step forward Miss Buffy Summers) and everything in between but it was during the classic horror era from the fifties through the mid-seventies that our British fright flick femme fatales really ruled the roost.”

The latest issue of Shock Horror magazine includes an article from Cyberschizoid of the Classic Horror Campaign looking at British scream queens through the decades including Hammer favourites Barbara Shelley and Caroline Munro as well as current leaders of the pack Eileen Daly and Emily Booth. You can order your copy of Shock Horror magazine issue 14 (British Horror Special!) from the Shock Horror website and Hemlock Books.

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The Classic Horror Campaign’s Cyberschizoid was recently a guest on the excellent Starburst magazine FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS podcast hosted by horror expert Jon Towlson where they discussed classic horror films, BBC2 Horror Double Bills and the Classic Horror Campaign. It is now online and you can listen to it HERE!

Jon Towlson also runs the blog SHOCKS TO THE SYSTEM – Subversive Horror Films and can be followed on Twitter @Systemshocks.

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