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The great warrior Hercules is sent on a quest to retrieve the legendary Stone of Forgetfulness which lies deep in the bowels of Hades. Accompanied by his companions Theseus and Telemachus, Hercules battles monsters, zombies and vampires in his efforts to defeat the plans of the evil King Lico and his minions.

Hercules In The Haunted World is the sequel to Hercules And The Captive Women and just one in a string of sword and sandal epics based on the heroic character of Greek mythology. This particular entry in the genre has a firm place in the hearts of many classic horror film fans for a number of reasons not least of which in the casting of Hammer Horror icon Christopher Lee as the villainous King Lico. Unfortunately though, Lee does not get a huge amount of screen time and his voice is actually dubbed by someone else in the English language version! However, the colorful and dreamlike sets, the creepy atmosphere and various zombies, vampires and monsters all add to the fun and elevate this above the usual sixties muscle man epic.

Review by Rick Gladman

The Classic Horror Campaign takes another stroll down memory lane with our fangtastic poster gallery celebrating Hammer Films’ 1958 vampire picture¬†Dracula (AKA Horror of Dracula)! Movie posters sure ain’t what they used to be so we’ve managed to track down some true classics from yesteryear – posters from Britain, America, France, Japan…in fact, from all round the world!

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