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Join London’s leading horror hosts Cyberschizoid and Dr Karen Oughton tomorrow at the Roxy Bar and Screen as they present a rare screening of the 1930’s horror film Murders In The Zoo (1933); a pre-Motion Picture Production Code shocker whereby a jealous zoologist carries out a series of grisly murders using zoo animals! Expect some crazy shenanigans, a horror quiz, free issues of Shock Horror Magazine as well as a screening of the seventies cult horror Day Of  The Animals (1977)….all for a paltry six quid!

Buy your tickets now from WeGotTickets or on the door tomorrow from 2pm!

One of the many shocking scenes from MURDERS IN THE ZOO (1933)!

cyberschizoid blue and dr karen and shock horror mag cropped

MURDERS IN THE ZOO mouth sewn shut



We’ve always been fascinated by classic horror movie poster art; the monsters, gore and sexy scream queens all captured in a tantalising image designed to lure unsuspecting filmgoers into their local cinema for an afternoon or evening of gruesome fun! Horror movie poster designs and styles vary widely around the world and the Classic Horror Campaign recently took a look at the wonderful world of Polish horror film posters.

Today we are sharing the beautiful and striking imagery from some of the best Japanese classic horror film posters for Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969), An American Werewolf In London (1981), Eyes Without a Face (1960), The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll (1960), Frankenstein Created Woman (1967), The Evil Dead (1981), The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984),  The Ghoul (1933) and The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)!

american werewolf in london japanese poster

eyes without a face japanese poster

Two Faces of Dr Jekyll Japanese poster

frankenstein created woman japanese poster

evil dead japanese poster


satanic rites of dracula japanese poster

nightmare on elm street japanese poster


giant spider invasion japanese poster

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