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In response to many of the comments and suggestions we’ve received from our supporters and followers on our Classic Horror Campaign survey, here is a link to our Youtube playlist on the Cyberschizoid Channel. So many of you have told us that you want to see more classic horror trailers and the Classic Horror Campaign playlist includes the trailers from all of the films we’ve screened so far at our events around the UK…plus a few extra surprises!!  Who says we don’t listen!??



Horror film fans are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to magazines on our favourite subject. If you’re into all the latest big-screen and dvd horrors there is Rue Morgue or The Darkside; if you’re more into the ghoulden age you can pick up a copy of Scary Monsters or Monster Bash and if you have indie sensibilities then why not try Shock Horror or Ultra Violent.  And if you are a lover of all things British you really need to check out Bedabbled! magazine which looks exclusively at British horror and cult cinema. Edited by writer Martin Jones (Psychedelic Decadence) Bedabbled! is published twice a year and tends to focus on a different theme each issue, with the upcoming issue 3 looking at British vampire cinema.

To celebrate the launch of Bedabbled! number three, we are teaming up with the magazine on Sunday 6th May with our Classic British Vampire Horror Double Bill at The Roxy Bar & Screen in London. As well as screening the movies Blood of the Vampire (1958) and Vampyres (1974) we have some great prizes to give away including an original vampire-themed painting by artist Rik Rawling plus copies of Bedabbled! magazine issue 2 which has a Satanic theme!

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