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January 2013
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In association with Rue Morgue UK, Cyberschizoid and Spooky Isles the Classic Horror Campaign proudly launches British Horror Month! For the whole of August we shall be bringing you reviews, news, articles, tweets, trailers and much more focusing on the very best of classic British horror movies, TV shows, scream queens and magazines!

So if you’re a fan of the Amicus omnibus flicks, Hammer Horror, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Caroline Munro, FrightFest, Frighten Brighton or the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas and Saturday Night Horror Double Bills, then check us out every day this month!

We would love you all to take part so if you want to contribute reviews, news, articles or exclusive artwork relating to classic BRITISH horror then drop us a line at admin@classichorrorcampaign.com now!

Also send your tweets to @horrorcampaign using the hashtags #BritishHorrorMonth and #HorrorUK – tweet us your favourite British horror films and TV shows or links to any relevant websites, blogs or classic British horror film trailers!

So raise your glasses to the Best of British Horror and have a fang-tastic month everybody!


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In just a couple of weeks the Classic Horror Campaign launches British Horror Month! That’s right, for the whole of August we shall be focusing on the very best of British Horror in association with Rue Morgue UK and Spooky Isles – the films, the magazines, the television shows, movie posters, actors, scream queens and so much more!

If you want to be a part of British Horror Month then give us a shout at admin@classichorrorcampaign.com or tweet us @horrorcampaign. We are after reviews of classic British horror films (that we haven’t already covered on our Movie Reviews page) as well as overviews of British horror movie magazines, previews of horror film festivals taking part in the UK and your British monster movie memories!

And that’s not all, if you pop over to the Rue Morgue UK fan page on Facebook and “like” them, you will be put into a draw. Once they have received 500 “likes” one lucky winner will receive a free digital subscription to Rue Morgue, the world’s best-selling horror culture magazine!

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