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January 2013
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The great warrior Hercules is sent on a quest to retrieve the legendary Stone of Forgetfulness which lies deep in the bowels of Hades. Accompanied by his companions Theseus and Telemachus, Hercules battles monsters, zombies and vampires in his efforts to defeat the plans of the evil King Lico and his minions.

Hercules In The Haunted World is the sequel to Hercules And The Captive Women and just one in a string of sword and sandal epics based on the heroic character of Greek mythology. This particular entry in the genre has a firm place in the hearts of many classic horror film fans for a number of reasons not least of which in the casting of Hammer Horror icon Christopher Lee as the villainous King Lico. Unfortunately though, Lee does not get a huge amount of screen time and his voice is actually dubbed by someone else in the English language version! However, the colorful and dreamlike sets, the creepy atmosphere and various zombies, vampires and monsters all add to the fun and elevate this above the usual sixties muscle man epic.

Review by Rick Gladman

The Classic Horror Campaign’s Cyberschizoid was lucky enough to be invited to the Horror Channel Winter Highlights Showcase in Soho a few nights ago and was delighted to see that they have some real classic horror treats in store for viewers over the cold winter months. Top of the list is January’s David Cronenberg season featuring the influential horror masterpiecesĀ Shivers (1975), Rabid (1977) and The Dead Zone (1983). There are also screenings of Hammer’s The Devil Rides Out (1968), Ken Russell’s The Lair of the White Worm (1988) and Dario Argento’s Tenebrae (1988).

Another must for fans of cult television will love the Horror Channel’s premiere of 80′s horror anthology series Monsters! Originally airing from 1988 – 1991, this syndicated show shared the same producer asĀ Tales From The Darkside (1983 – 1988) and featured a wide variety of creepy creatures over its 72 half hour episodes.

Whilst chatting to the Horror Channel’s producers and programmers, Cyberschizoid was told that the channel had plans to show even more classic black and white horrors next year (did we hear someone mention The Haunting?) as well as some more Hammer Horror premieres. There are also plans to expand Emily Booth‘s Horror Bites show to include more interviews, previews and live film festival reports. Emily is the face of the Horror Channel and an avid supporter of the Classic Horror Campaign as well as the star of numerous British fright flicks and co-host of the Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival.

So lock all the doors, turn out the lights and forget about the miserable winter weather outside in the company of Emily Booth and fiends…on the Horror Channel!


Cyberschizoid and Emily Booth at The Horror Channel Winter Highlights Showcase.

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