The big big news at the moment amongst cult movie fans is the  Scala Forever Festival currently running in London from 13th August to 2nd October at various venues around the capital! The Scala cinema was based in Pentonville Road in Kings Cross and became London’s most famous and well-loved art/cult/repertory movie theatre, showing a daily programme of amazing triple bills, weekend all-nighters, horror festivals and more. Sadly it closed down in 1993 but to celebrate and remember this iconic venue a disparate group of film fans, cult movie experts and creative entrepeneurs have got together to screen a wide variety of films catering to those with more eclectic tastes!

The Classic Horror Campaign  will be screening Mario Bava’s classic Black Sunday (1960) followed by Horror Hospital (1973) as our homage to the much-missed Scala cinema. This event will take place from 3pm at the  on Sunday 4th September and you can book tickets in advance fromWeGotTickets!

As usual there will be a Horror Quiz, free horror giveaways courtesy of Shock Horror magazine and if we’re lucky, an appearance from iconic Brit horror queen !

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Classic Horror Campaign

As you may or may not be aware, the Classic Horror Campaign held its first meet up in London on April 22nd 2011 with a horror double bill event, which went extremely well. 

So who would be interested in coming to Manchester?

Please let us know by replying below.  If you have a problem replying here, get on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/horrorcampaign) and let us know there. 

The meet up would be a chance to watch a great classic horror movie and to network and meet fans of classic horror in a fantastic Victorian pub, which is close to the central train stations of Manchester and has an Ibis hotel roughly 2 minute walk away if that.

The Manchester Classic Horror Venue

The on Charles Street in Manchester, has it’s roots in cult TV and film and is the perfect setting for a classic horror event due to it’s Victorian charm.  The management team are very keen to support the campaign and inform us that upstairs they have a 40 capacity seating area dedicated to screenings.  For further information about the Lass O Gowrie, please visit their website by clicking here.

At this stage, we’re just getting a feel for the event and your ideas are most welcome, so please get in touch!

What is The Classic Horror Campaign?

Remember the old films of horror that used to be presented in a double bill on BBC 2 many years ago that were introduced by Dr Terror?

We want to see the return of these films on the television and below I’ve copied a few comments from the online petition, which you can sign by clicking here.

Further information about the campaign can be found on the official website http://www.classichorrorcampaign.com

Name: Rebecca Webber on May 7, 2010

Comments: I am 31 and I LOVE these types of films, having only discovered them a couple of years ago. Bring them back so a whole new generation can see how great they are"

Name: Neil Snowdon on May 10, 2010

Comments: Without such double bills there would be no League Of Gentlemen… need I say more? We need another generation of twisted comedy writers.

Name: Steven Grainger on Mar 7, 2011

Comments: some of the best horror came out of England, let’s put it back in public eye

Name: Omar Usman on Apr 12, 2011

Comments: I think it is a good idea to bring back old horror movies so that the next generation gets to see them. With all these remakes, it is good for the next generation to see the originals.

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