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January 2013
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Caroline Munro

After a fun-packed and successful 2012, the Classic Horror Campaign is looking forward to a whole host of classic horror events, festivals, film screenings, competitions and much more full gloss gore in 2013!

First up is the special guest appearance of sexy Hammer Horror star Caroline Munro in detective series Midsomer Murders on ITV1 Wednesday 2nd January. The episode is entitled Death and the Divas and is a homage to classic horror films of the 60′s and 70′s.

In February we celebrate Women In Horror Month with a whole host of features and articles as well as our Female Psychos horror double bill screening at the Roxy Bar and Screen on Sunday 17th February. We’ll be screening Strait-Jacket (1964) starring Joan Crawford and Frightmare (1974) starring the wonderful Sheila Keith. You can buy tickets here! Grab them now before we sell out!

Our next horror double bill screening at the Roxy Bar and Screen will take place on Sunday 24th March so keep an eye out for full details. In the meantime, we would love your feedback on which classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy films you’d like us to show on the big screen so please feel free to give us your suggestions. You can email us at admin@classichorrorcampaign.com or contact us on Twitter @horrorcampaign or on our Facebook Page!

The Classic Horror Campaign now has a regular column in the pages of Shock Horror Magazine, who also sponsor our film screenings so please pop over to their website and order a copy of the latest issue – featuring our look at classic horror Christmas films!

August is a huge month for the Classic Horror Campaign as we celebrate British Horror Month and will also hopefully be hosting another Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival. Last year’s Frighten Brighton was a massive success taking place at Brighton’s popular Komedia entertainment venue and featuring special guest host Emily Booth, the UK’s leading scream queen!

We are also pushing to reach 3000 signatures on our petition to bring back BBC2′s classic Saturday night horror double bill seasons! Television has become so bland in the last decade that it has become impossible to find any of the classic old horror films being screened anywhere, even on the BBC. Years ago, BBC2 would screen regular horror double bills on Saturday nights which featured cult movies from Universal, RKO, Hammer Films and beyond. If you’d like to see these films back on the box, please sign this petition and tell your friends to do the same!

We shall also be looking forward to heaps of fangtastic events and film festival happenings during 2013 which should be of interest to all classic horror fans. There are going to be ongoing events from those wonderful people at the London Film Memorabilia Conventions. Every two months they hold events at London’s Central Hall Westminster which feature a mix of dealers from all over the world specialising in vintage and modern film and television memorabilia – film stills, monster magazines, rare dvds, movie posters, autographs and various special guests. Last year alone the guests included Honor Blackman, Caroline Munro, Valerie Leon, Linda Hayden, David Warner and Yvonne Romain to name just a few. Saturday 26th January sees film and TV star Francoise Pascal (Mind Your Language, Incense For the Damned) as the special guest with a Cult TV event planned for March!

Other events of interest include the Scala Beyond film festival (always full of classic horror screenings – including our own!), Film Four’s FrightFest (as well as new horror premieres they include many fangtastic fear film retrospectives), the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby and many more large and small classic horror film screenings across the UK.

Even though our campaign is to persuade the BBC (and the other major free-to-air television networks) to screen classic horror and cult movies regularly in primetime we just wanted to take this opportunity to big up one particular TV station in the UK. A huge thanks goes out to the increasingly popular Horror Channel (Sky channel 319 Virgin channel 149 Freesat channel 138) which is really flying the flag for classic horror these days with its regular screenings of Hammer Horror, Amicus anthologies, Pete Walker films and various other cult horror movies and TV shows. Classic Horror Campaign supporter Emily Booth is the face of the Horror Channel and she herself continues to champion the horror genre in all its forms; her television show Horror Bites is screened daily throughout the Horror Channel schedules.

Finally, a big thank you to all our fans, supporters, friends and followers for continuing to spread the word, help the campaign and sign our petition. Without the following people (and each and every one of you reading this) the Classic Horror Campaign would not be able to survive and thrive! Special thanks go to – Filmbar70, the team at Roxy Bar and Screen, Dr Karen Oughton, Sarah James, Niall Bailey, Weegzilla, Dean Geoghegan, Shock Horror Magazine, Westminster Film Memorabilia Conventions, April Chaplin, Amanda Norman, Emily Booth, Eileen Daly, Caroline Munro, Shane Briant, Neil Mitchell, Hemlock Books, Penny Dreadful, Elliot Wilson, Dominic O’Brien, Mark Satchwill, Pete Shorney and many more – you know who you are! A happy new year to all of you – here’s to a fangtastic 2013!

Horror star is no stranger to supporters of the Classic Horror Campaign but has made few movie and television appearances over the last few years. However, early next year (January 2nd to be precise!) the sexy Hammer Horror star makes a special appearance in top rated ITV1 detective series Midsomer Murders. The episode is titled Death and the Divas and Caroline plays an evil priestess in a series of flashback sequences based on the gothic Hammer films of the sixties and seventies.


The murder of a journalist has chilling echoes of a 1960s horror film starring Midsomer’s own Stella Harris.  When Stella’s more famous sister returns after a 40-year family rift, the killings escalate, each reminiscent of a movie plot.  Is life – and death – imitating art?

Caroline Munro enjoyed reliving her time as a star of  Hammer Horror films in MIDSOMER MURDERS.

“I have watched the show for years and years and I love Neil Dudgeon as the new Barnaby so to be asked to do a little bit was a great honour.  I flew in from the States the day before we started.

“I play an evil priestess complete with false eyelashes which I hadn’t worn since the 60s and I felt particularly evil in my scene, which is a flashback sequence of a typical Hammer Horror film.”

The role of the Evil Priestess in MIDSOMER MURDERS reunited her with fellow Hammer Studios star John Carson.

“I had worked with John in 1972 on Captain Kronos – Vampire HunterHe is a great man and it was lovely to see him again as the Dracula figure in our flashback sequences.  I’ve also been in films with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee and feel really blessed to have worked with such icons in the horror genre.

“I started as an extra on the original Casino Royale and would love watching all the actors and the crew.  One of my first jobs was A Talent for Loving with Richard Widmark playing my father and Cesar Romero and Topol were in the film too.  I was very young but I have some amazing memories.”

Caroline still gets recognised.  “It’s either for the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me or The Golden Voyage of SinbadIt was such a privilege to do a small bit on the Bond films, as it’s such a legacy and Cubby Broccoli had built a real family feel within the crew – a bit like Midsomer Murders.

“I also get recognised for the Lamb’s Navy Rum adverts which ran for 12 years and I went all over the world to wonderful locations with fantastic photographers.  I still travel a lot to big conventions, which I love doing and I think it’s a way of giving something back.”

Caroline’s other credits include At the Earth’s Core, The New Avengers, Starcrash, Slaughter High, Maniac and the forthcoming Crying Wolf.

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