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January 2013
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Christmas is a time for spooky ghost stories and late night horror films but sadly TV stations in the UK seem to have forgotten this long-standing British tradition with barely a seasonal spook in sight! Not only that, but the BBC and other free-to-air channels have forgotten the needs of classic horror film fans throughout the rest of the year as well! So make 2013 the year of classic horror on television by signing our petition and helping us reach 3000 signatures by the end of 2012! Once we’ve reached this target we can send our list of names and comments to the BBC and get them to see that there is an audience out there desperate to see some decent old monsters back on the box – and we’re not talking Dale Winton here!

Click here to sign our classic horror petition!

Great news for fans of classic horror films and golden age movies in general as our petition to get the BBC to bring back their Saturday night horror double bills gathers pace! There are now over 2,600 signatures and this figure is growing rapidly every day! With celebrity support from horror stars Emily Booth, Eileen Daly, Caroline Munro, Shane Briant, Veronica Carlson, Valerie Leon, Yvonne Romain, Linda Hayden, Lois Daine, Caron Gardner, Margaret Nolan and many more the Classic Horror Campaign goes from strength to strength! Help us reach our target of 3000 signatures by Christmas 2012 by signing the petition and forwarding it to all your fiends and family!


 To celebrate our success so far we are announcing the winner of our creepy competition in association with SHOCK HORROR MAGAZINE! The guys and ghouls at Shock Horror have been sponsoring our CLASSIC HORROR CAMPAIGN horror double bill screenings and our FRIGHTEN BRIGHTON classic horror film festival and have now employed our very own CYBERSCHIZOID to write their regular classic horror column starting with the upcoming Christmas issue! 

So….drum roll please….the winner of a one year free subscription to SHOCK HORROR MAGAZINE is Darren Perkins, who resides in the good old U.S. of A. Well done Darren – we shall pass your details to the guys at Shock Horror!

The next Classic Horror Campaign double bill screening will be on Sunday 2nd December at the Roxy Bar and Screen, London Bridge, SE1. So buy your tickets now for our fear-filled festive horror double bill featuring British portmanteau classic DEAD OF NIGHT (1945) and seasonal stalk and slash prototype BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974)!


 Next year the Classic Horror Campaign returns on Sunday 17th February 2013 to celebrate WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH and follows that up with another classy cinematic creepshow on Sunday 24th March. Be there…and be scared! 


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