We couldn’t be more excited here at the Classic Horror Campaign today as we look forward to the brand new Mark Gatiss documentary for BBC Four, Horror Europa! A follow-up to the hugely successful Mark Gatiss’ A History Of Horror three-part series of 2010, Gatiss now takes a personal look at European horror films in this 90 minute documentary. From the silent days of Nosferatu (1922) to more recent Euro fright flicks The Devil’s Backbone and Cronos, Horror Europa will be screened on BBC Four this coming Halloween and includes interviews with Mexican director Guillermo del Toro as well as Dario Argento, Harry Kumel (Daughters of Darkness), Edith Scob (Les Yeux Sans Visage) and Roy Bava, son of legendary Mario Bava. It is rumoured that the documentary will be supported by some classic horror film screenings which may include Nosferatu and Les Yeux Sans Visage (1960) although the BBC is not confirming anything at present.

Mark Gatiss has acknowledged that it isn’t possible to include everyone’s favorites in just ninety minutes but has tried to give more of a general overview of the evolution of horror films in Europe over the decades. In an exclusive interview in the SFX magazine A-Z of Horror special edition now on sale, Gatiss admits that the films of Jess Franco and Lucio Fulci are given short shrift as “personally, they don’t do it for me”. However, there will still be plenty of other directors covered in more detail and many classic clips scattered amongst the interviews. Gatiss has also revealed that there are plans afoot for A History Of Horror 3 – this time covering Asian horror!

As soon as we get a confirmed screening time and date for Horror Europa and any other details we will let you know, but in the meantime you can help us in our continuing campaign to bring classic horror to the masses by signing our petition, emailing the BBC, tweeting about us using the hashtag #classichorrorcampaign and attending our monthly double bill screenings at the Roxy Bar and Screen in London!


As part of British Horror Month we wanted to cover classic horror on television just as much as all the iconic British horror movies so here’s your chance to vote for the best British classic horror TV show! We’ve tried to include all the major series, serials and one-offs from the early days of television up until 1980 but please comment below and let us know if we’ve made any major omissions!

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