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Hiding Behind the Sofa: The Horror of Who – Pete Shorney looks at some of Doctor Who’s scariest stories.

Top Ten Evil Brain Movies – Nazi brains, transplanted brains and brains from outer space!

Web of Fear: The Return of a Classic – Eric McNaughton reviews the long-lost Patrick Troughton tale of alien invasion and robot Yetis.

The Caroline Munro Diaries – Britain’s first lady of fantasy recalls her involvement with the two doctors, Doctor Who and Dr Pepper!

Genesis of the Daleks – Jonathon Dabell remembers the Doctor Who story that introduced the world to Davros, creator of the Daleks!

Messages From Moonbase Alpha – Our new regular column looking at the world of Space:1999 fandom.

Doctor Who: The Importance of 1974 – Sarah Morgan explains why 1974 was such an important year for the BBC’s long-running science-fiction series.

A Fistful of Monsters – Did you know that Clint Eastwood’s career began in b-movie monster flicks? Feature by Dean Sills.

Dr Who The Annual Years – Rick Gladman has a brief chat with writer Paul Magrs about his new book on the popular Doctor Who Christmas Annuals.

Interview With a Vervoid – Actress Barbara Ward talks to Rick Gladman about Doctor Who, sci-fi and scary movies.

Wanted! More Readers Like… Horror actress Dani Thompson and brand new comic book hero Titan Defender Pushka are the latest celebrity “Space Monsters” fans to send us their pics!

Kirk Douglas’ Triptych of Terror – Holocaust 2000, The Fury and Saturn 3; Jonathon Dabell looks at the unholy B-movie trinity of Hollywood star Kirk Douglas.

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter – Retro review by Dawn Dabell.

Mutant Mailbag – Our very first reader’s letters column!

An American View of Who – Tim Wickens gives a personal account of how he became a Doctor Who fan in 70’s America when television sets still had dials.

Ultraman Episode Guide Part Three – Anthony Gates’ retrospective on the classic sixties Japanese superhero show continues…

Matango: Fungus of Terror – Retro review by Rick Gladman.

Night Gallery TV Movie – Retro review by Rick Gladman.

Space Babe of the Month – Leela from Doctor Who.

Billy Chainsaw’s Movie Massacre – Amicus Pictures’ sixties Doctor Who flicks get the Chainsaw treatment in words and pictures this issue.

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