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On Tuesday 26th February at 7:30pm, Certificate X presents a night of creepy-crawly, flesh-tingling, slug-slithering, bug-infested B-Movie madness with the best killer worm movie ever made – SQUIRM !

A whole hoard of wriggling worms, juiced into a lethal, carnivorous, mankind-devouring frenzied mass by an electric cable, nosh on the sleazy, boorish, hideously unfriendly local yokels which populate a drab little Georgia backwoods armpit hamlet!
Directed by unsung B-horror picture writer/director Jeff ‘Blue Sunshine‘ Lieberman this 1976 grindhouse/drive-in gem become an early eighties favorite in the UK when it was released on video.
Hugely underrated and seldom screened today this skin-crawling delight rates highly as the best, creepiest and most deftly executed of the many revolt-of-nature fright films that were hugely popular and fashionable throughout the 70’s.

“Guaranteed to make the skin crawl, nauseate the taste-buds and turn the stomach” -Motion Picture Production Digest, 1976.

This will be accompanied by a host of creepy-crawly, spine-tingling, insect-infested trailers and short films as well as other bug-themed treats!

All this takes place in The Three Minute Theatre in Manchester.

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