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November 2012
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Dead of Night (1945) is one of the ultimate classic British horror films, coming at a time (just after the second world war) when few horror films were being made in this country. Highly influential on the later Amicus portmanteau horror films, Dead of Night is screening as the first part of our Fear-Filled Festive Double Bill alongside proto-slasher Black Christmas (1974) at the Roxy Bar and Screen, London, on Sunday 2nd December. So to celebrate this scary Xmas event we take a look at five fascinating facts about classic British horror film Dead of Night!


  1. Director Martin Scorsese placed Dead of Night on his list of the 11 scariest horror films of all time.
  2. When originally released in America, the distributors felt the film was too long so the golfing tale and the Christmas ghost tale were both cut.
  3. Dead of Night’s most famous (and arguably scariest) segment is the tale of a possessed ventriloquist dummy. Not only has this been unofficially remade various times (Devil Doll, 1964 and Magic, 1978) it was also adapted as the audition episode of the long-running CBS radio series Escape.
  4. The film received its US TV premiere on 9th September 1955.
  5. Dead of Night won an award for Most Interesting Screenplay at the 1946 Locarno International Film Festival.


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