Maggie Walsh, an interior decorator, and her boyfriend Pete Danner are summoned to England to work on the mansion of wealthy recluse Jason Mountolive. When they arrive, they discover that Mountolive is dying and that he has summoned various wealthy Europeans to stay at his home also. One-by-one the guests fall victim to various lethal accidents, each more horrifying than the last and Maggie finds herself and Pete caught up in a deadly satanic curse.

The Legacy (1978) is a real throw-back to the kind of medium-budget studio-backed horror films that were prevalent in the mid to late seventies and early eighties. Like a cross between The Omen (1976), Burnt Offerings (1976) and Australian cult classic Patrick (1978), this boasts an all-star cast being killed in various supernatural ways with Katharine Ross and Sam Elliot putting in effective performances as our middle-aged romantic leads. The gore is kept to a minimum and both the story and the look of the film reminded me of an extended episode of the 1980 Hammer House of Horror television show with its car chases along bleak English country roads, brooding country house and occasionally inappropriate 197o’s TV movie-style incidental music.┬áDespite not being particularly scary or gory The Legacy still manages to entertain and should keep you intrigued to the end if you keep your expectations on the lower end of the scale.

Review by Richard Gladman

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