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July 2012
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Horror fans throughout the UK can rejoice as sultry British scream queen Emily Booth is co-hosting the Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival on the spooky south coast this summer! Emily is well known for her TV show Horror Bites on the Horror Channel as well as her many acting roles, horror film festival appearances and sexy photo-shoots!

The Classic Horror Campaign’s very own horror host Cyberschizoid was lucky enough to track down Emily for a chat and get her opinions on classic horror films, Frighten Brighton and much more!

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Q. Many of your fans are aware that you love classic horror films as well as the contemporary horror scene. Which of the films showing at Frighten Brighton are you most looking forward to seeing?

A. That’s a hard one because they’re all brilliant and appealing in different ways but on a personal level as many of you probably know by now (!) I have a big place in my heart for Cat People – although I watched the 80′s version when I was a young girl and fell in love with that one so am less familiar with the 1942 original – I’ve seen bits of it but never the whole film (I know – naughty!) I love a return to animalistic states – a profound theme in horror films and the fact that this film was way ahead of its time, subtly telling a story of burgeoning female sexuality during a very repressed time – there are just so many levels to that film and it’s so haunting and moody! So I’m really looking forward to that! But also ‘Them!‘ will be fun as one of the original films tapping into the fear behind nuclear testing and mutations – it will be so refreshing and fun to see the old school special effects.

Q. Remakes are always a controversial subject particularly amongst horror fans, but what female character would you love to play in a horror film remake?

A. Oh God that’s hard too! I know it’s not strictly a horror character but as The Wicker Man is one of my all time favourites I’d love to play Willow the Landlords daughter! But Britt Ekland was brilliant in that role and I don’t think I could top her! I love the strange seduction scene where she seduces him with her pagan witchy charm – even though he can only sense her – not see her -  one of the most erotic scenes in film to date I think….. but also – I’d love to play a real animal character so something along the lines of The Reptile would be amazing! To do a very slithery sexy version of that role….. so if anyone wants to do that with me come and say hello and we’ll talk!

Q. Juggling a horror career with being a young mum must keep you extremely busy but what aspect of your working life do you enjoy the most?

A. I was filming my show Horror Bites for the Horror Channel yesterday and I love being back at work – but there are of course new challenges – namely getting enough sleep which I never do – I’ve not slept properly for 9 months now! So it’s hard trying to look good and fresh when you are in front of the camera! But I just enjoy getting back to being ‘pre – baby me’ for a day, it means I have more to talk about than nappies.

Q. OK, a fun question now! In a fight, who would win – Pinhead or Freddy Krueger?

A. Well obviously Freddy would play a lot dirtier than Pinhead – who at the end of the day is a rather middle class chap who likes a good conversation! So Freddy might win that one purely on slashing skills – although Pinhead does have some rather nasty chums he could bring along for the fight!

Q. Finally, why should horror fans come to the Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival?

A. Because we owe vintage horror everything! Every horror we see today has probably taken its inspiration from one of the classics. but also because they are just good films on their own merit, the classic horrors were the first films to really manipulate the senses using atmosphere, tension and shock scares and it feels so good to step back in time to revisit an era that will never be repeated ever again. These films are a slice of history, are incredibly stylish and classy and I’m so pleased these precious gems are being kept alive and appreciated by a whole new generation. 

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