Set in a gothic house large enough to garrison an army you
might be a little suspicious to find only four
rooms occupied in this disturbed portmanteau chiller. Dr Martin (Robert
Powell) is prospective house-man interviewed by Dr Lionel Rutherford (Patrick
Magee). Foregoing the usual Q&A approach Martin is invited to identify the
former head shrink Dr Starr who has gone a bit mental himself and now resides
in one of the rooms upstairs.  Pick the right man or woman and
the job’s his.

Martin, led trough the shock corridors of the Asylum by
orderly Max Reynolds (Geofrey Bayldon) tries out his bedside manner on the
lunatic not currently running the asylum. Top notch performers crawling the
walls include Bonnie (Barbara Parkin) whose lover cuckolded Walter (Richard
Todd) finds his affections cooling for brittle wife Ruth (Sylvia Sims), Barbara
(Charlotte Rampling) and ‘best friend’ Lucy (Britt Ekland) spend too much time
looking at themselves in the mirror with dire consequences and tailor Bruno
(Barry Morse) stitches himself up in  a
macabre tale of haberdashery and black magic featuring Peter Cushing. The final
tale involves Dr Byron (Herbert Lom) experimenting with alarmingly life like
models and whose mind games get out of control.

Quite a nice twist for the ending and – if you haven’t seen
the movie before – you might not see it coming first time around. Definitely a
favourite in the medicine chest of seventies pop-horror.

Review by Dancemakr

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