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There are so many horror, sci-fi and cult movie magazines being published these days that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with them all! In collaboration with the Cyberschizoid blog, the Classic Horror Campaign is here to guide you through all the monster magazines currently being published so you don’t miss out! We’ve concentrated mainly on the English language zines with a brief mention of the more prominent French publications and a cool title all the way from Japan! If you can think of any magazines that we’ve missed and you think should be included in our guide then please email us at or

Uk magazine A4 format 48pages
Deals exclusively with British horror and cult cinema and is now in a bigger A4 format with more pages! Nicely written and caters nicely to a fairly niche market. Highly recommended to cult movie connoisseurs. More Info here.
UK magazine, glossy, colour, 64 pages
An excellent in-depth magazine which takes a nostalgic look back at the films of the 60′s and 70′s. Lots of coverage of classic horror, fantasy and science-fiction movies of this era. For more information, head over to the Cinema Retro website.


English language magazine produced in Germany A5 format color glossy 64 pages
Focuses on horror and exploitation movies and memorabilia from the 60′s thru the 80′s. A beautifully produced publication which has gained an excellent reputation amongst horror fans. More info here.
UK magazine, glossy, color, 68 pages
The longest running UK horror magazine has courted controversy over the years but still has a huge fanbase. Relaunched a couple years back, issues have actually been selling out all over the UK and feedback has been positive. Well-written reviews, cool interviews and interesting articles. More info can be found here.
US magazine, glossy, colour, 52 pages
A rather odd magazine which is basically a promotional brochure for Charles Band’s Full Moon video label. All the articles focus on products produced by or distributed by Full Moon. Glossy but with lots of ads and definitely over-priced. HorrorHound does this kind of thing better, with more variety and a better design. Check out their website if you’re interested in finding out more.
Worldwide horror magazine, glossy, color, 64 pages
Diabolique looks at horror both old and new from around the world and comes in a glossy, colourful format. More info can be found here.

UK magazine, glossy, black & white, 40 A5 pages
A magazine which takes an academic look at the genre and includes exclusive specially commissioned artwork. Some very interesting articles. Check out their website here.

evilspeak mag 1
US magazine, 80 pages
Brand new zine from the States which looks at the world of horror in all its forms; movies, comics, music, interviews and more. We’ve yet to receive our copy but will keep you updated once we’ve read it! Available to order now from HERE.
US magazine, glossy, color, 80 pages
The worlds first monster movie magazine has been published on and off since the late 1950′s and can still be found in book and comic stores today. Famous Monsters seems to be undergoing an identity crisis in its current incarnation but who knows what the future will bring? You can order copies and find more info here.

US magazine, color, glossy, 84 pages
Fangoria redefined the monster magazine back in the eighties with its emphasis on blood, gore and make-up effects. It then lost its way in the nineties and beyond but has now found its feet again and is definitely recommended reading! Click here to check out the official Fangoria website.

US magazine, black and white, glossy, 100 pages approx
Running since 1986, Filmfax concentrates on cult movies, b-movie stars and pop culture nostalgia. You can find more information here.

US magazine, black and white, glossy, 48 pages
In layout, writing style and attitude this is Famous Monsters in all but name except that its focus is entirely on classic horror films from a golden (or should that be ghoulden) era. Published by ex Famous Monsters editor Ray Ferry, Freaky Monsters seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment with various spin-offs planned and wider distribution in the UK. For more info check out their website.


Canadian magazine, color, 68 pages
G-Fan is an amazingly in-depth publication which covers all aspects of Godzilla movies and related giant monsters from Japan and beyond! Highly respected and recommended without reservation to kaiju fans. For more info click here.

US magazine, color, glossy
Fangoria’s sleazier, gorier and sexier younger sister is back! Not available on newstands, Gorezone is a subscription only publication which launched September 2013. you can subscribe and find more info on the Fangoria website.

US magazine, black and white, 64 pages
Now on it’s third issue, Grindhouse Purgatory is the brainchild of exploitation film reviewer and podcaster 42nd Street Pete. Despite its lousy layout, there are some interesting insights into the real grindhouse cinema scene of the 70′s and 80′s including the porn, prostitutes and sleaze of New York’s 42nd Street so expect coverage of more than just the movies. Grindhouse Purgatory is available to order from Amazon.


US magazine, color, glossy, 68 pages
HorrorHound has become quite the favourite amongst the younger horror fans with its excellent eighties movie coverage as well a heavy emphasis on toys, action figures, comics and horror festivals. Great interior design and some very cool covers. More information can be found here.


US magazine, color, glossy, 24 pages
Despite only having 24 pages, this excellent publication is good value for money. There are no ads, just page after page of beautiful images and well-written articles and interviews covering often-neglected aspects of Euro-horror movies. A niche magazine for sure but one to explore if you call yourself a true horror fan. Click here for more information.

US magazine, black and white, 36 pages
A fun fanzine focusing on VHS era exploitation and horror movies. Lots of cool reviews and features celebrating the obscure and esoteric. Follow them on Facebook to get more information!


US magazine, glossy, 132 pages approx
One of the most respected genre magazines on the market, Little Shoppe of Horrors has been running since 1972. Each issue is so detailed that it is more like a book than a regular magazine. The emphasis has always been on Hammer Films but coverage has extended to Amicus and other British horror. You can check out their website here.

French magazine, glossy, colour,100 pages approx
With it’s first issue published in 1972, this French language magazine is one of the longest running cult cinema mags in the world. Originally focusing on horror films, Mad Movies has become a lot more mainstream over the last few years and seems more like a Euro version of UK mag SciFi Now. Professional but now somewhat bland, I’d recommend Metaluna over Mad Movies if you’re looking for a solid French horror fanzine. Check out their website HERE.

US magazine, black and white, 52 pages
Started as a fanzine back in 2000, Mad Scientist has developed into an irrregularly published Rondo nominated magazine with a loyal following. The emphasis is on old monster and sci-fi films and also features the UK’s Dr Who television show (the classic series) extensively. You can find more information on their website.

French magazine, glossy, colour, 84 pages
Excellent French language horror, sci-fi and cult movie magazine. It looks fabulous and is full to the brim with news, features, interviews, reviews, comics and more. The true successor to Mad Movies magazine which has become rather dull,mainstream and corporate over the last few years, Metaluna has the right balance of anarchy,fun and enthusiasm. For more info check out their website.


US magazine, black and white, 68 pages
Originally called Gore Creatures way back in the sixties, it’s amazing to think that this publication has now been running for fifty years! Check out their website for more information.


US magazine, black and white, glossy, 164 pages
A monster of a magazine published extremely irregularly (the last issue was five years ago!) which looks at all things “cult” but particularly cult films. A real labour of love and can now be ordered in the UK fromHemlock Books. For more information why not take a look at the Mondo Cult website?

US magazine, A5, black and white, 70 pages
MONSTER! is a fun fanzine from film critic Tim Paxton (see alsoWeng’s Chop) published monthly and dealing exclusively with monster movies and TV shows! Packed with reviews and fascinating features, often high-lighting rare/obscure films from around the world. Available to buy from Amazon.


US magazine, glossy, black and white, 54 pages
A nice, simple, nostalgic magazine with an emphasis on classic monster movies from a black and white era. It includes some lovely personal reminiscences from fans and film makers alike. You can get more information from the Creepy Classics website.

US magazine, black and white, glossy, 64 pages
Popular amongst its many readers due to its in-depth coverage of classic horror films and well researched articles, Monsters From the Vault is also much applauded for its high quality painted front covers. Check out more information here.

monsterzine 2

Japanese magazine, glossy,black and white, 40 pages
A nicely produced Japanese language classic horror magazine with a strong emphasis on Hammer Films. Visually stylish and reminiscent of the original Famous Monsters of FilmlandMonster Bash and Freaky Monsters. For more information pop over to Hajime Ishida’s Monsterzine website.

US magazine, color, glossy, 40 pages
One of the more interesting and eclectic film magazines being published at the moment. Their coverage includes (in their own words) B-movies, cult classics, indie, horror, science fiction, exploitation, underground, asian films and more. Worth checking out if you’re a true fan of cult cinema. Their website can be found here.


Canadian magazine, glossy, full colour, 72 pages
Rue Morgue has gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading horror magazines, covering all aspects of the genre from films to books, music to comics. You can find out more by checking out their websiteas well as “liking” their Rue Morgue UK page on Facebook.

SCARLET The Film Magazine

US magazine, black and white, 100 pages approx
This in-depth magazine was started in 2008 and covers horror, mystery, sci-fi and adventure movies. This publication has a strong fanbase of classic movie fans. Check out their website here.

US magazine, black and white, 132 pages approx
Scary Monsters began as a small glossy fanzine way back in 1992 and has continued to grow both in size and popularity. The mag looks at classic horror in movies and television and has a particularly strong relationship with its readership, regularly running articles on film fans’ nostalgic “monster memories”. Check out their website for back issues and more!

UK magazine, glossy, 100 pages approx
Begun as a rival to popular British fantasy film magazine SFX, this publication covers all the latest sci-fi movies and tv shows as well as giving some coverage to mainstream horror and fantasy. For more information head over to the SciFi Now website.

SCREAM The Horror Magazine
UK magazine, colour, 52 pages
Scream sprang up at the beginning of the current British horror magazine renaissance and is still going strong. A mix of contemporary horror and past monsters, Scream now has wide distribution in UK HMV stores. Pop over to their website to order a copy today.

US magazine, color/black and white, glossy, 64 pages
Screem first came on the scene back in 1993 and is a nice mix of reviews, interviews and features on all areas of cult cinema. What I particularly like about Screem is that it doesn’t shy away from the more bizarre and obscure…in fact, it embraces them wholeheartedly! Worth checking out, you can order copies from their website.
UK magazine, color, glossy, 100 pages approx
Focusing primarily on science-fiction on television and in movies, SFX was initially like the more “hip” younger cousin to the now defunct Starburst; now it is the longest-running and most popular sci-fi mag out there. It also features regular coverage of the horror genre and horror columnist Penny Dreadful. Check out their website for more info.
US magazine, black and white, glossy, 40 pages approx
Another mag that’s been around for some time, there is a lot of love and respect out there for Shock Cinema. Excellent coverage of exploitation, blaxploitation, cult, horror and underground movies. If you’re a regular reader of Cyberschizoid, you need to treat yourself to a copy of Shock Cinema. You can get yours here!
UK magazine, black and white, A5 format, 80 pages
SPACE MONSTERS magazine is for fans of classic sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies and television – with an emphasis on scary monsters, B-movies and sexy space babes from the team behind the Classic Horror Campaign! Featuring exclusive artwork, features, reviews and interviews. Check out their website HERE for more information.
UK magazine, colour, glossy
The grandaddy of UK sci-fi magazines and the inspiration for todays SFX and Sci-Fi Now returned to print in 2012! Jam packed with reviews, features, interviews, columns, comics, games and more. Check out the Starburst website for all their latest news and updates.
Ultra Violent
US magazine, black & white, 112 pages
Produced at the rate of about one issue per year, Ultra Violent takes an in-depth look at horror, sleaze and exploitation cinema. Some very bizarre and obscure stuff is covered by extensive interviews and reviews of films you’ve probably never heard of! Check out their website here!
Video Watchdog
US magazine, glossy, colour, A5 format, 80 pages approx
One of the most respected cult movie zines which is always packed  with reviews, interviews and features on fantasy movies and television past and present. Extremely in-depth and a stickler for detail, Video Watchdog is very readable and comes highly recommended. Check out their website here.
US magazine, black & white, 68 pages
It’s full title is Phantom of the Movies Videoscope and this informative magazine has been running since 1993 but often seems to be overlooked by genre magazine fans, which is a shame as its mix of cult movie reviews and exclusive interviews is highly entertaining. Find out more information on their website.
We Belong Dead
UK magazine, black and white, 80 pages
Starting as a hand-made fanzine back in the early 90′s, editor Eric McNaughton has revamped We Belong Dead into a jam-packed classic horror fans delight – 80 pages of articles, reviews, interviews and artwork focusing on the good old days of BBC2 horror double bills, Hammer Horror and Universal Pictures classic monsters. You can order your copies from the Classic Horror Campaign website HERE.
Weng’s Chop
US magazine, black and white, 118 pages
A cult cinema magazine devoted to weird and wonderful films from around the world. Packed with interesting features, interviews and reviews. Expected the unexpected! Check out their Facebook page for more info HERE.
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spacemonsters 4 cover Godzilla


Space Monsters 4 + shipping

Space Monsters magazine issue 4 is now available to buy! So if you love Godzilla, giant monsters, retro B-movies, classic sci-fi television shows and the creepiest creature features in the galaxy, order your copy today!


* TOP TEN GIANT MONSTER MOVIES!  Which colossal creature features made our top ten countdown?

* GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER!  A re-evaluation of one of Godzilla’s most underrated movies.

* THE CAROLINE MUNRO DIARIES!  Fantasy film icon Caroline Munro talks about her friendship with special-effects maestro Ray Harryhausen.


* HAMMER’S FRANKENSTEIN MOVIES!  We analyse Hammer’s contributions to the Frankenstein mythos.

* SPACE:1999!  A new anthology of short stories based on the lives and loves of the crew of Moonbase Alpha.



* And much, much more!


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